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I’ve been asked a handful of times if I “do boudoir”. Secretly, I’ve always wanted to try it out but outwardly, I told people I wasn’t really “into the idea”. Mostly because I wasn’t sure if I could do a boudoir session in the way that I personally believe it should be done. Tasteful, romantic, and most of all, with a certain kind of nostalgia that I think the genre isn’t really known for at all.

That said, I knew when Heather asked if I’d do a boudoir session for her, I had to say “yes”. Heather isn’t just one of my amazing brides, she’s also a friend I know from church and if I wasn’t comfortable with her, I’d know for sure if boudoir was something I wanted to pursue and accomplish my way. Turns out I could do it exactly how I wanted and Heather was more than happy to let me share this frame with you just to prove how stoked she was with the results.


So if you’re one of my brides, past or present, I am now accepting bookings for more boudoir. If you’re interested in more info and seeing more examples, email me at carly@carlybish.com. All boudoir sessions come with a 10×10 custom designed book to give to your other half.

I mean, you can’t beat this kind of reaction…

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