Fitzgerald Family | Redmond, WA

As I drove to Redmond that morning, I inhaled excitedly. Everything was covered in frost. Every branch, leaf, and blade of grass was crunchy with ice crystals. I couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for a holiday family shoot with the Fitzgeralds.

This family is amazing. They hail from California but are adjusting to life here in the Pacific Northwest beautifully. They embraced the cold that morning like an old friend and trusted me completely. For me, that’s the biggest compliment a client can give. Their trust. And even though we had to make a quick trip back to their house to change our wet socks, they were still ready for a second venture outside for a bit more photo making action. Needless to say, this family is awesome.

Shelly, Ted, Emma, and Will—you’re winners in my book.

I’ve still got room this month for holiday sessions. Email if you’d like to take a spot. Do it… You know you want to.

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