Erin + Dane / The Whole Story / Urban Wedding at Melrose Market Studios

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Blown away by the hospitality and warmth from these two. While Dane and I went to high school together, we never truly knew each other—just one of those things. Which is a bummer, because when we met again to talk about working together, the three of us felt like instant friends. What an incredibly fun day and what a fantastic party.

I have to give a big, big thank you to my dear friend Kristen, who second shot this day with me. Some of her beautiful photos are in the mix, particularly the groom’s getting ready and from the cocktail hour. She also loaned me a couple strobes for some super fun reception lighting! Thanks, girl! And as always, my eternal appreciation for Emily Murphy and Lauren Guy from Manette Gracie Weddings & Events, the coordinators who just know how make a wedding awesome. I could not be more thankful for the amazing people I get to work with…

Springtime weddings, guys. They’re legit.

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