Erin + Aaron / Playful Summer Wedding at Hillside Gardens in Colorado Springs

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Erin + Aaron had such a fun and colorful wedding, I couldn’t bring myself to share a single black&white photo in this post! With rainbow pinwheels and parasols, and pops of color everywhere, Hillside Gardens was the perfect backdrop for their gorgeous day. Not only was it beautiful, but it was also full of quirky trinkets and details like a bowling ball pond, a garden of push lawnmowers and a giant metal parrot… So beautiful, so fun, and so them!

Colorado is starting to feel like a second home. I’ve shot a wedding there every year since 2012 and I absolutely love every chance I have to visit. I have one more Colorado wedding in October and I seriously can’t wait!

Thanks for having me, E + A!

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  • SaraLily says:

    WOAH! Not only do these photos just rock and really show their love, her DRESS is amazing. Do you happen to know where it is from or who designed it, Carly? I kinda need to try this on when it is my turn to go wedding dress shopping 😉 THANK YOU!!

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