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Recently, George and I started attending EastLake Community Church and we have felt so blessed to have a place that we can go and also serve with our God-given passions. George loves working with teenagers and with a degree in middle school education, it’s only fitting that he volunteers with the youth because that is where he shines. Meanwhile, I am loving the opportunities to photograph just about anything they request of me. This coming Sunday, the church will be having baptisms held for each service and I’ll be taking photos during the first two. I’m excited to be there for such a momentous occasion because it has been such a long time since I was baptized. And even then, I did not have the emotional experience that I have seen others have and that’s probably because I became a Christ-follower at the budding age of three. So to photograph the faces of those who have made the choice to love Jesus is going to be such a blessing and miracle, to watch and to document, and I feel so privileged to be the one to capture those faces.

So last Saturday, I met up with one of EastLake’s “growth groups” for a Shoot Out in downtown Bellevue. Growth Groups are genre-specific community groups that allow people from the church to get together and share common interests and for George and I, it’s been helpful in establishing a sense of home. I knew when I got back to Seattle, it wasn’t going to be exactly the same as it was before I left, but I kind of forgot how many of my friends have gone on to different places, jobs, and adventures. So pursuing new friendships and regular social interaction isn’t the easiest of tasks but the weekly Growth Groups help a lot!

About 25-30 people showed up to take pictures and we had three GORGEOUS volunteer models. My group were the Nikon-users (yeah, baby!), so we ventured off together to find cool spots to pose our model, Christina. We warmed up with a few shots under a large statue, then moved to find more colorful trees, but eventually we found an über cool wall that had brightly colored red and green leaves and twisty vines. Plus, it had, what I like to call “pocket light”, where someone stands in an area and everything around them feels dark but they’re perfectly lit. Yeah, it was awesome… And Christina was stunning. She’s got these beautiful big eyes and heart-shaped lips that I coveted the entire hour we shot photos together.

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged much the last few days. Sharing my Dad’s computer can sometimes be difficult. Soon, I’ll have my own Rocket Ship Computer. Soon…

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