Don’t Neglect the Feast of Break!

This is my typical breakfast (and I love it!)
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This is what my typical breakfast looks like. Although, sometimes it can be a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and artificial sweetener or other times, it’s eggs and Canadian bacon.

Officially, I’m still down 23 pounds, but I feel another jump just around the corner. I just have to keep it up and I know I’ll be down 24 or 25 in the next day or so. So exciting!

In other news. I am finally in the final stretch of school, getting ready to graduate, and I’ve run into a couple of hurdles. One, I have to have 60 hours of service (or volunteering) done by the time I’m ready to graduate. But that’s the easy one. The big one is a cross-cultural trip I have to take and the only one available for my degree is a trip they offer to England.

Well, of course, who doesn’t want to go to England? (Richard Bartlett, you don’t count.) The problem is that it’s expensive and even though financial aid can be applied toward the trip, it doesn’t always cover the entire cost. So I’m going to be posting this “ChipIn” widget to try to get some support from any of my readership. The smallest donation helps, but obviously, don’t feel obligated. I’m just so desperate to graduate and I have to do this in order to do so. So whatever help you can give is greatly appreciated.

So thanks again. And please keep reading. I’m going to start writing more as time goes on. The sooner I graduate, the sooner I’ll have some free time to start living again! To all our benefits!

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