Dear Starbucks Customer Letter #2

Dear Starbucks Drive-Thru Customer Who Orders from the Passenger Seat,

Please understand that you are at a further distance than say, the driver, in relation to the speaker. So when I ask you to repeat your order because I’m having difficulty hearing you, please consider my position. Do not get out of the car and scream into the speaker, “I WANT A MOCHA LATTE!” because truthfully, it really hurts my head. When I confirm your order, saying, “Alright, sir. What size mocha would you like?” Please don’t argue with me and scream even louder into the speaker, “NO! I SAID I WANT A MOCHA LATTE!!” because that hurts even worse. When I try to explain the difference between a mocha and a latte, please don’t get frustrated. I’m only trying to help.

Starbucks Employee #1318456

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