Contest Update!

Edit: I’ve just been informed that submissions through my “Contact” page may not be getting through! So be SAFE and email your stories directly to!

I am super excited about this engagement photoshoot contest! And it seems you guys are too! In fact, both Jen Dalton (Chattanooga Wedding Times) and Lisa Huber (Knoxville Wedding Times) are talking it up on their sites and on Twitter!

If you’re wondering why I want to have a photoshoot at the Tennessee Aquarium, my answer isn’t all that extraordinary…

Just because!

I’ve seen pictures that were taken at an aquarium before and they always look so whimsical and romantic. Plus, the fantasy-like surroundings of an aquarium have always intrigued me. In fact, when I was little, when we played the “What if” games, I would always choose breathing under water over flying. I would so love to have that ability.

Here’s a sample image by Noah Hawthorne of Noah Hawthorne Photography, an amazing photographer based out of the San Francisco Bay area.

Taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Do you get it now?! So why haven’t you submitted your story yet?! Let’s make this happen!

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