Chelsea+Andrew // Wedding Teaser

Is it strange that I both love and fear weddings? I love them because I love photographing every aspect to the day. The bride, the groom, and all the little details that go into making the day special—I love it all. But there’s fear there too. The fear that I’ll miss an important moment, that the creative side of my brain will suffer a temporary stroke, or my camera will suddenly STOP working.

But in the end, after 8-10 hours of shooting and after 24 hours of importing images onto my computer, I realize the love for weddings far outweighs my fear of them.

Weddings are a privilege to photograph and I’m looking forward to getting better and better with each one I shoot.

PS. To say Chelsea was “stunning” is the understatement of the year.

Chelsea&Andrew :: Wedding

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  • Stacey Graham-Hicks says:

    wow your an amazing photog can’t wait to see them all

  • Kathie Heydt says:

    I was in complete awe of my daughter, the bride….Soooo beautiful….Thanks for capturing the moments we will treasure!

  • Awesome, Carly! This is beautiful…can’t wait to see the rest. 🙂

  • Ian says:

    I love the way the edge of the mirror reflects just her eye and the corner of her mouth, and how the expression on that piece looks different than the one in the full mirror. Kind of like on the outside she’s busy dealing with all the things that have to get done, but inside she’s excited.

  • Otto Rascon says:

    Carly, I think that every photo has your same fears. Some might have them deep withing and others on their sleeves. I know I have them deep in my heart somewhere, so I feel what you are saying. But you still rock and this image is beautiful.

  • Amy Newman says:

    All I can say is…you go girl!

  • This shot is perfection! PER-FECTION!!!

  • Nancy Sellers says:

    Carly, Beautiful pictures of Chelsea and Andrew at The Fillauer Lake House. I will never forget their perfect ceremony and reception, thanks for the photographic moments. Nancy

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