Chaitra+Ryan | Leavenworth, WA Love Shoot

Chaitra+Ryan are practically family. Chaitra is my sister-in-law’s sister, but I’ve come to see her as a real sister. And I’ve known Ryan since he was about eight years old. We were together with the rest of my family on a mini vacation we took to Leavenworth last week. On our last morning there, Chaitra, Ryan, and I did a quickie love shoot in the middle of a pear orchard. I thought it was a perfect post for Christmas Eve. Wintery and full of love.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. It’s been a special one for George and I and we’re both feeling pretty nostalgic for 2011… It felt like we crammed five years into one… So many blessings, accomplishments, and new relationships. We’re grateful to God for it all.

Happy Christmas and wishing everyone a fantastic new year.


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