Another Ending, Some New Beginnings…

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Christy-Anne, my best friend in Tennessee and the bridesmaid who caught the bouquet at my wedding, married Ed, who was a groomsman in my wedding and who also caught the garder! Their wedding ceremony was this last Saturday and I was in the bridal party. It was beautiful to watch and I was proud of the fact that I was the one who introduced them to each other. Coincidentally, I’ve known Ed longer than I’ve known Christy-Anne, but I knew they were perfect from the moment they got together. Even funnier is how Ed told me he wasn’t the “marrying type” when I was first getting to know him. How wrong he was!

While I was totally enamored by how gorgeous Christy-Anne was on Saturday, I also felt pretty special. Simply because I wasn’t self conscious about what I was wearing and I truly felt like one of the “skinny girls”. I’ve lost more than 30 pounds now and I’m the same size as when I was in middle school. Walking down the aisle alone was not the nerve wrecking experience it would have been in the past. There wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t totally in tune with what was happening during the ceremony. Normally, I would have been so preoccupied with how I felt in my dress or how I looked that I would have missed everything going on around me. No one seems to really get that…

So now, the spring semester has nearly finished. My last final is on Monday. About a week after that, summer school starts and a lot of things will be taking place… Things I’m dreading and also looking forward to.

We have to take our cross-cultural trip. Originally, I had posted about a trip to London for communications majors at school. Well, the trip was too expensive, no one signed up, and it was canceled. So I had to sign up for the English majors trip to New England (Boston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh), which is cheaper and domestic but requires I take classes that benefit my degree in no way, shape or form. Regardless! I’m going. And that’s that. During the same time I’ll be in New England, George will be leaving the country for his education majors trip to Ukraine where he’ll be teaching Ukrainian orphans how to speak English.

So, in other news, I had a dream two nights ago that I got a 12 week old puppy and then went into the hospital, found out I was pregnant, and had a baby a couple seconds later. When I woke up and told George about it, I said, “Now I kinda wish I had a puppy…” And then I noticed how I didn’ t say that I wanted a baby. And I thought that was funny.

So… Here comes another hot, humid summer. At least I don’t have to hesitate about wearing tank tops and shorts this summer. That’s a first!

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