Anastasia+Carla | Seattle, WA Friendship

Seattle, WA.

Funny story… So I met the talented Canadian photographer, Anastasia, in San Francisco at the VSCO Workshop and I remember thinking, That girl has the cutest laughing nose-crinkles I’ve ever seen… A few weeks went by, we’d been home for a while, and I received a message from Anastasia about doing a session with her while she was visiting her best friend, Carla, in Seattle. She was hoping for some new headshots and for some fun photos of her and her BFF. What I couldn’t know was how hilarious our time together would be! Anastasia+Carla have a friendship that goes beyond being friends. It’s a kinship, a bond, and a chemistry that transcends even our own understanding. And I don’t mean to get existential on you, but I have a friendship like the one they share with my best friend Stephanie and I totally get it… There are some people that bring out a side of yourself that no one else can. And the joy that comes from these one-in-a-kabillion relationships should never be taken for granted. Who said sessions are just for people in love? Well, these two are obviously in love, but we won’t go that far… even though we secretly want to… (We ALL know they’d make an adorable couple if they weren’t both already married to men and blissfully happy!)

Anastasia+Carla, we can do a shoot together any time! In fact, I am counting on it!

PS. For instant laughing fits, download the Auto Tune App, which is what Carla was playing on her phone. Try it out… It’s pretty hilarious.

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