Adventures in Photography

Believe it or not, photography isn’t all fun and games. I mean, a lot of it is! But you’d be surprised how often something doesn’t exactly go according to plan, you find yourself in weird situations, or simply… stuck.

Like today!

While shooting two beautiful people—I seriously can’t wait to show you—I pulled into a small embankment of grass on the side of the road. There wasn’t really anywhere else to park, but I figured it was safe. Now, what you may not know is that a significant amount of snow (“significant” for this area, anyway) came down over the last few days. But today, the sun came out and a lot of that snow is beginning to melt away… So, I didn’t really notice the amount of water that was accumulating in this patch of grass where I parked my car so when it came time for us to leave… Well, let’s just say it wasn’t as easy as I presumed it would be? We were stuck in the mud! WHOOPS! Luckily for us, a nice man (actually, he was kinda grumpy when all was said and done…) pulled over and helped push the car from behind to get us out! Which we did, finally!

Of course, now the car needs a good wash… But I learned my lesson! And it made for what was an adventure of a shoot! We even managed to get some photos on a railroad track just minutes before an actual train passed by! I think I’m just lucky, I guess! Not to mention, I have the most flexible, easy going clients ever! It’s so nice when people don’t fuss or make a big deal when hiccups come along, like getting stuck in the mud!

Stuff happens, people! Make the best of it! And your pictures will still come out amazing!

Adventures in Photography :: carlybish photography

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