Feeling "happy", you might say…
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So far, this semester has been the best yet. Or maybe, it just feels that way because the last two semesters were so, so, so stressful, and this just feels like a relief. I’ll take it, regardless, because I’m really enjoying myself.

I ride my bike to class everyday. I’m working out three times a week with a friend who is also a personal trainer and who is giving me a great deal. I’m still working full time, but over the summer, I was able to reenter my old Starbucks, implement some cool changes, and was named “Partner of the Month” because of it. And I know that’s cheesy/dumb/whatever, but man, I earned it and I take pride in my hard work. And I know I won’t always be with Starbucks, but my work ethic is a good one and it’s nice to finally be recognized for that.

In fact, I’m starting to itch for that “new” profession. I’m actually thinking about getting a job with a newspaper or magazine or some article-based website looking for good writers/photographers. I’m thinking about revamping my site so that there are multiple pages, including different tabs for different photographic work–portraits, journalism, weddings, real estate, etc. Maybe turning this thing into an online portfolio of sorts.

We are so close to being done with this place. George is working hard at school and I’m just a New Year away from graduation. Soon as he’s finished, we’ll pack our things and head west. Hopefully, in the next year.

I hear The Seattle Times calling my name… Or maybe it’s Seattle Magazine… I’ll take either one…

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