As I Promised…

I was driving down Ocoee St. accompanied by Sufjan Stevens and his amazing time signatures when I started thinking about what I want to do…

In life.

On Earth.

As an aspiring journalist.

Somehow, it struck me that just because I’m an undergrad shouldn’t stop me from practicing active journalism right now. How many pursue a good story, a person, or a place, at such a time as when they are still learning about the profession itself? I have recently discovered there aren’t too many. And I feel a personal responsibility to write about life, not just from a writer’s perspective, or as an American citizen, or as a member of the human race, no… But more simply, as a student. A student who doesn’t know anything, but has everything to learn.

I’ve come to realize that if I take on that journalist mentality now, the more I will succeed in my goals and ambitions. Who I write for will ultimately be decided in how much enthusiasm I invest in their stories of interest. So why wait? Maybe I’ll shave off a few years worth of stepping stones if I start taking those steps now, as I get more and more educated. And perhaps, in the process, I can provide a refreshed, authentic outlook from someone who is still just learning…

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