Growing Pains.

This week, I spent the majority of my time doing what people do when they’re stressed, which is to think too much about too many things. My life, my goals, my financial obligations, my crucial relationships – what needs to change and how can I do that? I’ve been evaluating my choices and after a week’s worth of severe contemplation, I’ve drawn some pretty basic conclusions. One of the most obvious?

Try even harder.

I’ve ignored certain areas of my life for too long and I’ve grown weak in character because of my negligence. Friends, family, God – they all took hits from me. And I apologize to them all from the deepest part of my soul.

So many people care. So many worry and fret over me. Because they love me. And I’ve given nothing back but lackluster effort. How did I get so selfish?

I’m drawing the line against myself. Enough is enough. I am fed up with what I have become. It’s high time I taught myslef a lesson and grew up a little.

Brace yourselves.

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