Still Breathing Weezing.

Those of you who check this blog on a daily basis are probably wrenching your hands by now, losing your patience, thinking to yourselves, Why won’t she post? Can’t she see I’m in agony? Dear Lord, please post again!

At least, it tickles my fancy to think you would behave that way. What is a “fancy” and how can it be tickled?

You might wonder why I haven’t posted. You might not have, but just the same, I’ll explain. We flew to Seattle last Thursday for Easter weekend. My family is greater than ever. Seattle was rediscovered. And Stephanie is the best thing since the mini iPod.

We returned yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I managed to catch the flu from my brother, and I now sit, medicated and slightly miserable. Somehow, Andy makes everything feel much better just by saying, “I’m going to buy you some 7Up and chocolate ice cream, okay?”

“Okay…” as I melt.

If you’d like to read more, please put in a request. As right now, my head is too clouded to provide any deep thoughts or revelations. Thanks to all who continue to read. You amaze me.

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