You can always tell when Easter approaches. The stores are decorated in pale greens, yellows, blues, and pinks. Prepackaged baskets with candy, a stuffed bunny, and green, plastic stringy-like stuff adorn the shelves. People are sporting new, seasonal haircuts. And Cadbury Eggs are not to be ignored.

I eat one every year. Only one. I ate it tonight. Purchased it when I found an orchard of them at Books-A-Million. I can’t help myself. I don’t know why I don’t eat two. I don’t know why I don’t eat two dozen! It could be that my digestive system can only stomach one over a 365 day period. I’m serious! If ate one more, I’d be sick!

And I can understand why the Cadbury Egg turns people off, grosses them out, repulses them, etc. However, the people that hate them, do so for the same reasons that people love them. A milk chocolate shell filled with sweet gooey stuff – all the makings of something you can either love… or hate.

I almost didn’t want to get it tonight. It’s not like I’m obsessedcrazypsychoinlove with Cadbury Eggs, but I thought, It’s just one. So I indulged in my own yearly obsession. Yet again.

And those of you who just love or hate Cadbury Eggs, feel free to say how much. We all know how much you want to say it… It’s okay. Go on. Go ahead, you have my permission.

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