Well, it seems that I have finally discovered a church I can call my own. It’s called “Tennessee Valley Community Church” and it takes place in the same venue as the place I play the open mic every Tuesday. I went to church in a movie theatre before. I go to church in an acoustic cafe now. Doesn’t matter where it is, it’s the body that’s important. And I could tell that the message and the fellowship will be exactly what I need. At long last!

I’ve had a bit of ant trouble in the last few weeks. Sugar ants invaded my bedroom, seeking sugar coated anything and they invited all their friends. I called the main office and complained, so they sent out a man to spray, however two days later, they were back with a vengeance. So I decided to take the matter into my own hands, headed down the street to the Family Dollar and bought ant traps and $2 bug spray. My bedroom now looks like a battleground of tiny, lifeless soldiers. To be safe, poisonous land-mines remain, armed and ready to destroy the enemy, should they try invading again.

Music discovered: Arcade Fire, Eisley, Regina Spektor, and every album Radiohead ever released.

The “best friend” I have, besides Andy, is Norma, from work. She’s about 35 years my senior, but on the inside, she’s even younger than I am. Our cubicles are across from each other and without her, I think my day might seem twice as long. She’s just awesome and I felt like sharing.

It snowed. On the first day of this month. Big, fat, uber flakes. That, I also felt like sharing.

Our friends, Tamara and Bau, are getting married next weekend. Andy and I were invited. The invitation was the most amazing, creative thing I’ve ever seen. They photocopied the word “love” from the dictionary and collaged random pictures of each other, as well as old photos of couples from history and enclosed each invitation with a safety pin. The best part? It’s a costume wedding. We’ll be in costumes. Do NOT worry! I WILL take pictures!

Andy and I saw the movie Sideways. Leah, don’t see it. There’s a live penis involved. I almost couldn’t handle it myself.

Lee University invited me to a campus tour this Saturday. I went and was not given the tour because I knew the campus already. So the counselor and I discussed my admission and it appears that I’ll be starting school in August! It’s about 99% certain. I’ll pursue a degree in Communications with an emphasis in journalism. Every time I talk about this, I end up doing some sort of dance. Even right now.

I think that’s about it. I mean, there’s more stuff, but…

Ah! Here’s a list of random things going through my mind as of late:

– childhood memories, ie. sitting outside with my sister, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in isosceles triangles, throwing one across the lawn and shouting, “It’s Super Sandwich!!!”

– popularity in the blogosphere: why does it exist when bloggers consist mostly of random, average people living random, average lives? Why do readers find some bloggers so fascinating? ie. I miss Jason Killingsworth.

– how did I get a job in credit and finance when I’m so terrible at math?

– I should go on a diet. No, I shouldn’t. Yes, I should. No wait, no. Wait, yes, yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. No. Yes.

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