The longer I’m here, every day I have with Andy, the more I know he’s right for me and that moving here was the right thing to do.

You know, I’ve never been one to do things rationally. And I’ve never been the type of girl who could meet someone, go out on a few dates, and then commit to a relationship after finding out if the compatibility is there. Either it is, or it isn’t – wanna be boyfriendgirlfriend? Of course, there was never an opportunity for that, but even if it had happened, my patience wouldn’t have lasted.

My first real date was November 1st, 2002 and it was with Nick Franek. He took me to a comedy club in downtown Seattle, after which we took a midnight stroll through the Science Center, where the Space Needle and dome fountain are found. It was a marvelous time, a night I won’t forget, particularly because I half-expected him to commit himself to me right then and there.

Because that’s what I’m like. THIS is what I’m like.

Wanting something with Andy almost as soon as we met seemed the most logical thing in my life because THIS is what I’m like. What I’m like is unrealistic and illogical, but both are aspects of who I am and how I do things, and so it all works for me.

Just think about this… I’ve been here nearly six months now, haven’t I? I believe some credit is due.

It has been hard. There were so many things Andy and I had expectations for, some (if not most) of which never took place. We’ve come a long way as a couple. This was something I have never had before – a real relationship – and so arguing, not seeing eye-to-eye, discovering things about each other have all been new experiences. Experiences we both needed in order to grow as individuals and a couple. Sounds like a cliche, but it’s completely true.

It comes down to this… I’m crazy about him. Absolutely head-over-heels. We’ve reached that place in our relationship where everything’s really comfortable, but I still get butterflies when he says something sweet, does something romantic or unexpected. Andy has never faltered. He’s never been inconsistent. He’s never hid behind a romantic alter ego, only to reveal an ugly reality later. He really is the way he is, and for that, I consider myself so lucky to have him.

You wanted the good, the bad, and everything in between and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Because that’s exactly what this has been. Good. Bad. Everything in between.

The fall and winter have been blues-y times. During the holidays, being so far from my family for the first time in my life, it was a tough reality check. I consider myself to be easily adapted to whatever or wherever, but the realization that I would not be there to open Christmas presents with my family was, to be honest, devastating. Something I had to get over.

I think, with Spring and Summer heading our way (quite quickly now), moods and times will perk up. Not that the last six months have been complete downers – are you kidding?! (Valentine’s Day was one of the most magical days of my life, c’mon!) I’m only saying that since our lives are finally starting to settle in and conditions are feeling more consistent and relaxed, these next months will feel like a leisurely stroll compared to the uphill climb we’ve been pressing since I got here.

I’m not sure what else to write without getting too personal. As much as I’d love to dish all the juicy parts of my relationship with Andy here for all the world wide web to see, there’s still that part of me that enjoys her privacy (and her secrets). Plus, writing about this only on the rare occasion is what keeps you coming back it exciting.

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