Andy and I were hanging out with Tamara and Bau, watching a DVD about the Pixies when Andy came across a crunched up newspaper article laying on Bau’s floor. It was titled “Where Are All the Good Musicians?” and it was written by some random 22-two-year old guy.

I wish I had the article in my hand, so I could quote it directly, but I do remember sentences containing horrific phrases such as, “…and that’s like, well…” And the writer made outrageous claims like, “…the closest thing to a classic band of my generation is Dave Matthews Band!”

No exaggeration. No kidding around. A real editor of a real newspaper read this article and still published it.

This guy was mad! He was upset! “Where are all the good musicians?” he demanded to know. “Where’s my generation’s Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the Clash? Where?!”

As much as there is bad music in the industry, there is also a large amount of good. Classic, even. And for someone to say that Dave Matthews Band is the closest thing to a “classic band” of my generation is insulting! And most of all, it’s ignorant. What is this guy listening to? The radio? Because Dave Matthews is probably going to be the best thing you’ll find there, unless you have access to the local college station.

Far as I know, there is a ton of great music to be heard, but it’s up to individuals to go look for it. It’s not going to be handed to them, especially not by the local radio, which will advertise model agencies and the best places for getting your tires rotated! There’s no such thing as the “Good Music of Your Generation” genre.

Right now, the media is shoving bands like Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, and God knows how many triple-threat teenage bombshells who can’t be in a movie without putting out the single first. This is the junk food of popular music and Americans are eating it up!

Of course, everyone is entitled to like their own music. If you like Ashlee Simpson and find her blonde-to-black transformation quite rebellious and her music to be original, then that is fully your opinion. If you think that’s good music, fine. At least you think there’s good music!

I simply cannot stand the close-mindedness of some people. They’ve limited their search to barely the length of their arm. They’ll go no further than the “newest releases” section of the local CD shop and they think that’s all my generation has to offer. But they’re so wrong! There is so much to be heard and be discovered. Music that will revolutionize your own definition of the word “music”. If you really want to know where all of today’s good, classic musicians are, then you’re going to need to step passed the “newest releases” and venture into the unknown. Because believe me, those bands, those artists, those musicians – they’re not going to be found in the main display any time soon.

Search. Explore. Listen. Find out what you like. And if you come across anyone who says there are no good musicians in today’s music, repremand them without any restraint. They need to be slapped.

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