Last night, we went out with Andy’s family to celebrate all the January birthdays. Andy’s mom, Carolyn, and I were the only ones who ordered chicken instead of steak. She is such an adorable woman. The first thing she said when she arrived to the restaurant was, “It’s snowing outside! It’s snowing!” And her matching hat and scarf were almost too much for me to bear.

Afterwards, everyone came back to my apartment to open presents. I hadn’t hosted or entertained that many people since I moved here, but it was so great to do so. Of course, I only provided the drinks and the rest of the woman brought all the baked goodies. Cake and chocolate and creamy goodness.

This has been such an awesome week. So many happy things and happy times and happy people. I think I’m actually starting to feel more at home here. It’s been rough the last three months. But when you love Seattle as much as I do and have lived there for as long as I did, you’d probably have a rough time of it too.

Maybe you can understand. I hope that you do. But I’m starting to feel a lot better now. Tennessee is starting to feel more like home.

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