The coolest apartment on the planet is located on Ocoee Street, near downtown. We went there last night to participate in a game night, which included vast amounts of music, rejected toys from thrift stores, Cranium, and Japanese wine.

We also played Super Scrabble and I made it a personal mission to spell the word “devious” on the board, which I did and congratulated myself after doing so.

When asked if I’d ever heard of Pedro the Lion, I felt so proud for not only saying “yes”, but also “for many years.” Because apparently Pedro just recently became popular in the area.

The highlight of the evening was when Bau (the apartment’s main inhabitant) suggested we play a round of Telephone, where a sentence is whispered into the ear of another and is passed on until it reaches full circle, where you find out how much the original sentence evolved.

I am documenting this moment because I do not ever want to forget it.

Bau’s sentence:

An elephant and a monkey, riding a giraffe, took tea with England’s Queen and watched solumnly as the unicorn and a dying pheonix were knighted.

By the end, the sentence was merely the following:

An elephant and a monkey had tea and the elephant was knighted by the Queen.

This place is getting better and better by the day.

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