I know I haven’t updated this thing regularly. I’ve been distracted. It’s been hard to dedicate time to blogger on a daily basis. Things are kind of crazy right now with Christmas. Just one week away now. Frightening how fast time goes by the older you get. I remember listening to adults when I was younger and thinking they were crazy for saying that Christmas came too quickly. As a child, Christmas couldn’t get here fast enough! Now, I feel the same way they do.

After a couple attempts, I am not sure if I’ll get to be a bank teller again or not. I realize I’ve only tried a couple times, but the positions available are limited and my attempts, while valiant, may not be exactly what the banks are looking for. I am starting to wonder if my previous teller experience is actually hurting me more than helping me. From what I can tell, the banks don’t want to have to pay me more because of my prior work and they don’t want to have retrain me to their banking ways. I thought, “Surely, having worked as a teller in downtown Seattle will knock their socks off. They’ll say to themselves, ‘If she can handle downtown Seattle, then she can certainly handle our small town branch!'” But perhaps I am and was profoundly wrong. Right now, I just don’t know…

Andy was able to get hired full-time at Books-A-Million, right here in town. Working the register and training to make one mean cup of coffee. Excuse me for being a girlfriend, but whenever I see him in those button down shirts and slacks and apron, I have to fight not to bite my bottom lip and coo. I don’t mean to, but he’s just so adorable.

I won’t be able to buy presents for everybody this year – obviously – but I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. God will be Infinity Years Old this year and I think that’s cause for celebration. Happy Birthday, Jesus, although I do wonder what day You were actually born. Either way, I hope You have a great one! And thanks for all Your blessings.

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