Metlife has a new commercial which uses Nick Drake’s song “Mayfair” as their playful, sentimental backdrop melody. As much as I appreciate the infamous Volkswagon commercial for introducing me to Nick Drake through “Pink Moon”, more and more, I resent the use of his music in places like a Metlife commercial. And I am not the only one who thinks so.

By the way. In case you’re interested. I had to really work to find out who Nick Drake was because no matter how many times I watched that Volkswagon commercial, I never saw any small white text telling me the name of the artist or a song title. I emailed Volkswagon, asking them for the information and receiving no reply back. I searched online, but didn’t know what to search for. It wasn’t until VH1 aired a segment titled “Classified”, which discussed young artists who have passed away tragically due to suicide or drug overdoses. That was six months after I’d first heard Nick’s sultry voice carrying that adorable Cabrio down a winding road, underneath a fake starry night sky.

I worked to find out who he was, and I resent anyone who hasn’t. It’s not fair of me, but it’s true. Meh.

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