Alright, an update. I haven’t done one of these in a while.

  • For those of you who are new to jeffersonair, I should probably tell you that I recently made the move from Seattle, Washington to Chattanooga, Tennessee. This has been in effort to further pursue my relationship with a very special guy and also to experience a new place and a different way of living.
  • I am moved into my apartment, but I have no furniture, so I am hardly ever there. Andy and I live in the same apartment complex, so it’s easy to walk over to his place and use his furniture instead. I can’t even put my bed together because the parts needed to bolt the frame together have gone missing. So I have a mattress to sleep on every night, and that’s it. However, Andy’s parents offered me a nice sofa chair yesterday and I happily accepted – they are such cool people.
  • I also don’t have a computer or cable television, whereas Andy does. So until I can get a job, I’ll probably be spending most of my time at Andy’s place, because I am extremely poor and cannot afford luxuries, like a couch and cable tv.
  • I’ve made a bit of extra spending cash by raking leaves for a relative of Andy’s for the last couple weekends. It’s been a huge help, believe me.
  • I have fallen behind on my Nano, (the) stupid girl syndrome, but I have not given up and I am still processing ideas in a notebook. Don’t give up on me, please. New chapters will emerge, I just need time.
  • Andy and I celebrated six months together recently. It was a very happy time for us both, but especially me, because I have never been in a relationship for longer than six weeks! I am looking forward to another six months together. The holiday season is coming up and we have a lot of cool stuff planned. I’m really, really excited.
  • Bush is our President, yet again. The immigration site for Canada recently soared in number of online visitors following the election. Seems to be that half of America is looking to escape Bush (and perhaps his draft) by retreating to Canada for the next four years. I am so confused by recent political events that I could not be happy that Bush won, just like I could not be happy if Kerry had won. This whole thing has left me extremely confused.
  • I have not played my guitar in months. Not because of lack of interest or enthusiasm for playing, but due to having a million other responsibilities in need of handling. Sad how that happens, isn’t it?
  • My parents got me an early Christmas present and paid for Andy and me to attend the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in Atlanta next week on the 16th. I have always wanted to see them perform and I am finally getting the chance. Andy doesn’t know a lot about the band, but I have a really strong feeling he is going to leave surprised and impressed by the whole event.
  • I feel I may have lost some of my regular readers due to my recent lack of posting. The last two months have been crazy and I’m sorry I haven’t provided a copious amount of entertainment. Of course, this is no job and no one is paying me to keep this thing running, but I really love to write and I love it that people think I’m worth taking the time to read. As soon as things start becoming more stablized (like having a job and money and furniture), I am sure that the words will write themselves. Until then, have patience with me and please, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I need to find a job. I’d like to get back into banking, but so far, there haven’t been a lot of job openings around here. So any job would be a good job at this point.
  • God is always faithful. I know that now more than ever before.
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