In Tennessee, you rake leaves. In Washington, you don’t. And if you do rake leaves in Washington, then you are one of very few in the area who do so. Because Washington is called “The Evergreen State” and for a good reason: the evergreen trees. Fall in the Northwest cannot compare (as in, impossible) to the colors of the Great Smoky Mountains region. Whereas Seattle stays a rich green color all year round, my new residence shines brightly in red, orange, yellow, gold, and bronze.

Pictures will be posted by the end of this week. As Andy and I are taking a trip to Gatlinburg this Thursday to see something I have never seen before in my life. I promise I will have pictures (to wazoo!) and you will finally see exactly the new type of place I am now living. Much different from Seattle, let me assure you.

I’m noticing a common theme amongst Big Bloggers. Jason Kill went from Florida to Georgia. Sarah Hatter went from California to South Carolina. I have gone from Washington to Tennessee. Is it contagious or something??

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