“Are you sure you don’t want your middle initial printed on your name plate? Everyone else has their middle initial…”

“I’m sure I don’t want my middle initial. When people come in and read my name plate, something will automatically trigger in their brain and instead of reading my name and calling me ‘Carly’, they’ll read the ‘Carly N.’ and then call me ‘Carlyn’. Trust me on this one. I don’t want my middle intitial.”

Three days later…

“Congratulations, Carly! Your name plate has arrived and you are officially official!”

“That’s great! Thanks, Ross!”

“We’ll just set it on your countertop here and now everyone who comes in will immediately read your name: Carlyn Bishop!”


“Wait… I meant Carly! Oh my goodness – You were right!”

“Yeah… But it’s a name plate and that’s what counts.”



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