I have a theory. And most times, a Christian with a “theory” is usually met with disputes and the laying of hands. But I have a theory, nonetheless, and because I rarely discuss things outside of daily life, I’m going to take this opportunity and write about it.

Now, I am no bible scholar. In the 16 or 17 years that I have claimed to be Christian, I have never read the bible completely one time through. Hypocritical, yes, but it’s honest.

My grandfather had a theory once. He believed that Jonah was not swallowed by a large fish or whale or creature (what have you), but rather, he was asleep and God caused him to dream the whole event. Whether or not my grandfather is right shouldn’t really matter because in the end, Jesus is still the Truth. However, when Grandpa voiced his theory to the Pastor of his church, he was quickly labeled “heathen” and was often repremanded by church-goers.

So whether or not you agree with me, I won’t care, because it’s just a theory. Nothing more, nothing less. If I were to say that Jesus was really an alien from Mars, then maybe you’d be right in calling me evil names. But I’m not, so take what I have to say as a simple opinion – nothing more.

My theory involves a multitude of other theories. Like how the earth has formed, the true age of our planet, how the different peoples of the world got to where they are, and the validity of current scientific methods like carbon dating. No doubt, there will be holes in my theory. There are billions of people smarter than me who know vasts amount more than I do, but this is simply a theoretical thought process – there’s nothing wrong with asking “Why?”

Geology classes across the country teach about Pangaea, the theoretical landmass that combines all seven continents together into one. Study the picture of Pangaea carefully and you will see the uncanny way the lands fit together like puzzle pieces. Geology classes will also teach of how Pangaea existed 50 or 60 billion years ago and have consistently moved approximately one full centimeter every year since the earth began.

I have decided to disagree with carbon dating and feel that it is too inconsistent to rely upon as factual. I do not believe the earth is a billion years old, 4.5 billion years old, or even 60 billion years old. In my humble opinion, I believe the earth’s age falls somewhere between 4,000 and 7,000 years. This is largely due to the fact that I believe the bible to be fact, not myth, and fully respect these scriptures as historical evidence. Do some research, you’ll quickly learn how these aren’t just legends or stories made up. This crazy stuff actually happened.

Sheesh… I’m thinking of things too complicated. I’m not sure how to piece all this stuff together. I don’t know how to explain it so that it all makes sense. I am, in no aspect whatsoever, a scientist or philosopher of any kind. I’ve just thought about it a bit. And I think all kinds of stuff is possible.

So basically, my theory comes down to this: A long time ago, there was a flood. When the waters receded, the land emerged and was populated once again by Noah and all his kin. Several years later, stupid people were back doing stupid thinsgs and trying to be as great as God. God, in His mighty awesome power, stopped them from doing something stupid and scattered these people all across the world.

Visualize this picture: God scattered people all – across – the world. He spread them out. He scattered them.

Have you ever taken a dinner plate filled with water and a bit of pepper and then dropped a single drop of dish liquid in the center to watch the pepper shoot to the edges of the plate? That’s what I think it was like. God simply taking His index finger, placing it in the middle of them and watching as people shoot through the air like they weigh nothing and landing in all different parts of Pangaea. That’s right – Pangaea.

And it’s my theory that it was at the Tower of Babel that Pangaea became no longer and split into what we know as the seven continents today. As a Christian, is it that far-fetched? I’m sure that anyone who does not share the same faith as I do will disagree and that’s perfectly fine. I expect them to disagree. But for those of you who believe in the same God as I do – do you think it’s possible?

And how cool would it be to have that event captured on DVD? That and the flood would be amazing things to watch.

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