After a nice break from retail, I’ve decided it’s time for me to reenter the workforce. But this time, it’s going to be a lot different. With nearly a year’s worth of retail sales experience now under me, I am now qualified to apply for a bank teller’s position, which happens to be my original job supreme.


Amy and I spent more than two hours writing up my new and improved resume. The only thing left is permission to use my Person Reference person and then it’s apply! apply! apply! until someone says, “You’re hired!”


I am so ready for this, it’s hard to even express how much. After spending the last few months housesitting, while it has been leisurely, I’ve come to realize that I would much prefer to rely on a regular paycheck rather than on the hope that money will come… someday… somehow… It has been nice and most certainly has been fun, but I am ready to get professional. And it feels great.


September will still see my removal from the apartment. To mom and dad’s I go, hi-ho! Which will be refreshing, no matter how often I’m asked to do the dishes. Certainly, paying rent will not be missed. And neither will the stomping neighbours living upstairs.


This is definitely a turning point in my life. I have a sweet and caring boyfriend who supports me all the way and a new found determination to make some “real” money. And I’m positive that my friends and family are excited for this time in my life as well – that rules. It all makes me want to say “Chyaw! Totally!” but I won’t.

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