I’m cranky and I miss Andy. My allergies have been the worst they have ever been and I am currently suffering from a horrible sinus headache. The more I sniff, the more painful it becomes. Bright lights and loud noises are my enemies and the Benadryl does not help me.

A lot of stuff is happening or is about to happen. Andy will be here on Wednesday. That same day, I also have to go to Court to appeal a ticket I received for having expired tabs. Andy is going to meet my family. As well as my friends. I finish housesitting this week. I have spent one night in my apartment this month. Every other night, I have either been in Tennessee or housesitting. No one has booked me to housesit during July, therefore I have no way of paying rent in August. Amy wants to move out, and I can’t pay her half of the rent either. So I will have to move out too. Back to my mom and dad’s, where I will share a room with my brother. I will probably sleep on the fold out mattress I bought two years ago.

I repeat: A lot of stuff is happening or is about to happen.

My boyfriend is wonderful. He and I have talked every night since we met in Atlanta on April 30th. I call that dedication. And loyalty.

I feel cared for. And I feel happy.

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