I wasn’t supposed to find out until after Andy got here (on June 30th), but while we were in Tennessee, I discovered his secret surprise.

While Andy surfed the net, I sat behind him and watched him go through his Favorites. While reading through a list of articles on PitchforkMedia.com, I saw “Nick Drake” written somewhere near the top of the page.

“Wait–What’s that? Nick Drake??”

Andy made his hands into fists and cringed. He shook his head and said (sadly), “No… You weren’t supposed to find out. That was your surprise for when I come in July!”

I felt bad for finding out early, but at the same time, I’m thrilled to discover that a new album has been released in the UK and will be available in the US very soon.

Nick Drake’s Made to Love Magic is coming soon. I’ll try my best not to cry.

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