When I returned home, I had a stack of mail waiting for me. Besides new catalogues from Guitar Center and Delias, I also received three letters from Jones Soda Co. in Canada. I was very interested to know what Jones Soda had to say. So I opened them.

Each envelope contained a “Congratulations!” letter and five example labels with one of my submitted photos printed on it. Apparently, they are using three of my pictures for their labels. This is quite the feat, because it is very difficult to get a picture onto their label, and I quote, “Because only 1% of submitted photos ever make it to the highly pined after Jones Soda label!”

You may now look for the following pictures on the Jones Soda nearest you. And be sure to read the caption on the side of each picture that reads, “CARLY BISHOP, KIRKLAND, WA” because you know you want to.

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