Remember when I quit my job in February? Remember how much I hated retail? Remember how I’d hoped to be self-employed by March? Remember???

If you remember all that, then you will know that I have been more than successful. There’s a lot more involved than I anticipated, but it’s worth it when I think about carrying bags of dog food to a customer’s car.

I remember the night I started painting in hopes to make a couple spare bucks online and I’m still doing it. Babysitting once or twice a week helps (more than you’d think) and seeing the kids is stress relieving. And housesitting? I make twice as much as I ever did at the store and I’m now housesitting an average three weeks out of every month.

But I’m still cheap. And don’t spend my money on anything and everything I lay my eyes on. Because even with all of that, I still have bills to pay and not a lot to pay it all off with. But the fact is that I have money leftover at the end of the day. Even with rent and car insurance and my cell phone bill… All of them are paid, and I’ve managed to have plenty leftover.

Plenty. And I know it wouldn’t be if not for God answering prayers and opening doors. Every time I ask myself “Is this going to work?” something else happens and it’s as if God is literally pushing me through the doors.

I’ve bought a ticket to visit Andy in Tennessee during the first week of June. He’s going to show me around town and take me to some nifty amusement parks and take me out to dinner… Why?? Because he wants to. There should be a pill made for those who are not as naturally gentleman-like. It would do the whole world some good wonderful.

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