It’s Wednesday night, at CRU…

I’m sitting there in the dark, in his not-running car, just talking… I’m thinking, Am I not hinting enough? Have I not given enough clues? At the end of the conversation, I actually say to guy who I like very much so, “Well, I gotta go because my cheeks are burning red now…” Now, if that wasn’t downright saying out loud the words “I,” “like,” and “you,” then I don’t know how else to say it–I thought it was loud and clear.

Although he did seem to respond very cutely when I told him that he was the only one I would have caved for getting my blood drawn. I’ve never gotten my blood drawn before… The whole business sounds downright messy and perhaps a bit risky, too. Lots of needles. Lots of different types of blood. Not exactly my type of atmosphere. But when he asked me to go, did I say, “Uh, no… Thanks for asking.” No, instead I say, “Umm, sure. Ok.” Yeah… I am so whipped when it comes to big, brown eyes. And those eyes looked at me for a long time after confessing to him in my cunning way, (was it cunning?), that he was special.

We held hands during the prayer at dinner, and I could actually feel my heart gradually build speed to about two times as fast as it normally runs. I could have sworn something was going on during that time. Did his thumb just move? Maybe I should move mine… Did he just sorta stroke my hand? Did he? Dang it! I can’t tell! At the very end of the prayer, we both gave each other a little squeeze and then released. Afterwards, I’m thinking, I wish I hadn’t been so distracted during the prayer–I mean, doesn’t God deserve my undivided attention?

Well, one thing was definitely good and partially confusing upon leaving his car so that I might enter mine. He’d asked me to go with him to some comedy club thing held late Friday night–from ten to midnight. This Friday night? Am I babysitting? Yes, I am… “I would love to go.” Maybe I can reschedule with Susan… Maybe I’m not babysitting late on Friday night anyway! Maybe I get off around six or seven! I bet that’s the case. Good, I’m safe. Better call her tomorrow though, just to be sure.

I asked him if I should bring money for Friday. “It’s real cheap,” he says. “So, just about any money I bring will be a safe amount?” He glaces at me, smiles real sweet and says, “It’s cheap.” So, does that mean he’s gonna pay? Or that it’s just cheap? What does he mean?!?!?!

He must know that I like him. I’ve made it fairly clear. We sat next to each other at dinner. We laughed practically the whole time. He took me back to my car. Offered me gum, and when I refused, forced a stick into my hand and stated, “You’re TOO NICE!” So, I chewed the gum. For goodness sake, I went to the Red Cross this morning and released a pint of blood. And I did it just to be with him. Am I a sucker or what?

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