If you’ve lived in one place for well over ten years, you probably should know what occurs regularly and naturally around the area. Certain events and specific weather changes during parts of the year are typically remembered or anticipated.

But for some reason, despite having lived in the Puget Sound for the last twelve years of my life, when May hits, I’m never prepared for the things that fly through the air everyday. There are cottonwood trees planted throughout this region and nearing the end of April, they bloom. And by May, the cotton releases its grip from the branches and flies through the air, traveling to different places, carrying seeds, all in hopes to land and hopefully begin new cottonwood life elsewhere. Although, the majority of the cotton will pile in clumps along the roadside, only to quiver slightly whenever another car should pass.

And for me, I don’t quite enjoy the simulated snowy effect (despite how cool it really looks) because of my bodily reactions, which include itchy eyes, itchy throat, and relentless sneezing from the moment I leave the house until the moment I get into my car.

Even now, I don’t know when it’ll stop. I can’t recall how long this sort of thing lasts. When the final piece of cotton will fall and will wash away with the rest of its kind, down the streets and into the sewers. I suppose I’ll just have to wait it out. In the meantime, I have a compilation of different medications located in my bathroom and my car to help me through this time. What with two different pills, a nose spray, and an inhaler, I think I’m ready to battle the Allergy War. Bring it on, Colonel Cottonwood. Bring it on…

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