Northwest offers students to study abroad in London, England. And I intend to go. My friends have had their turn to go somewhere far away for an extended period of time and I want that same chance. They offer the program for junior and senior honour students. I must become an honour student. It may be tough, but I have the will. Everyone knows how stubborn I am.

Can you imagine the stories I could tell and the pictures I would take? And if I can help it, I’ll go during the best time of year. When snowfall is constant and I always have an excuse to wear a scarf. Imagine me, trotting down cobblestone walks, honing my skills and practicing my British accent. A semester in England will look great on my resume. Leah was right and I find myself drawn toward travel journalism. While housesitting last week, the newest issue of Travel + Leisure came in the mail and I found myself digesting every article. The first I read took me through Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The method of each journalists’ style paralleled my own. The best part was how much the writers focused on the people themselves. People are the best subject of all time–they cannot be beat.

My appointment with Admissions is tomorrow afternoon. Time to put on a show, putting on my best–clothes, makeup, smile, etc–and impressing the living shite out of them. Carly, in her prime and everso slightly awkward in her pantyhose. I don’t mind. This is definitely where I want to go to school, so it’s well worth the effort.

If I successfully nail my interview and promise to send them a breathtaking letter of recommendation, I’ll find myself starting school in the fall. And with any luck, I’ll manage to make honour roll and start filling out study abroad forms for my senior fall semester. With a prime minister like Tony Blair, how could I refuse? He is one sexy older British gentleman, only a bit less handsome than Hugh Grant.

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