Jon Johnson was at the open mic tonight. He played and in his usual Jon Johnson style, dedicated his last song to the girl working behind the counter who he described earlier as “too hot, dude.” From where I sat, it didn’t look like she was very flattered or impressed. Especially since he got her name wrong.

Playing for people is extremely fun. Not to mention how much easier it becomes with every try. My songs are well-received. I won’t even begin to describe the feeling I get when someone asks me afterwards, “Do you have a CD I can buy?” Oh man… There just isn’t anything like that!

I’d really like to be a journalist. I’d also really like to be a songwriter. Is it possible to be both? When there’s so much passion for each, how could I choose one over the other? I really feel that I coudn’t. There are people in America who knew what they wanted to be when they were eight years old and they’d never be anything else. I give them props. Someone like me, however, hasn’t always wanted one thing their whole life. I have always wanted many things and I think I always will. I’m very selfish that way.

School is going to be perfect. No more required courses like Geology 101, which mean nothing to me. I’ll study and write about things I actually care about and I’m so thrilled. I have been impatient and lazy while going to Cascadia, but the motivation to get into Northwest and finish my bachelor’s is strong. I may even strive for Teacher’s Pet.

The nights are getting warmer. The days are growing brighter. And my smile is stretching wider. This is how life ought to be.

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