So people have been asking me, What’s going on with you, Car? It’s been nothing but “Canada Canada Canada” since you got back–What’s happened in the meantime?

Well, besides a private Switchfoot performance and the loss of my favourite companion, not an awful lot.

I started school this week. After this, I’ll have finished with my Associate of Integrated Studies and I can transfer to a four-year university and proceed with my Bachelor’s. School is a good thing right now. I’ve had five months off. I feel ready to get back into it.

Since coming home from Canada, I haven’t needed to get a job. Housesitting and selling paintings has been enough to support myself. There isn’t a lot of room to breathe, but I’m okay with that.

There aren’t many people around to hang out with. My roommate and I are the only ones who know exactly what’s going on in each other’s lives. But we’re in the process of cleaning our apartment. We even have Stanley Steamer coming out to clean our carpets. And once all is set, we’re having a big party here. All are invited. Even the Kiwis in New Zealand. You should come too.

Amy and I just got over being extremely sick. My throat is still recovering.

I played the open mic at Victor’s in March. It went incredibly well. There wasn’t anyone I knew there and it felt great to be playing for strangers. I only played two songs, but they were well received and I felt great when I was done.

Most recently, I went to a small concert at Seattle Pacific University yesterday. The headlining band was horrible, but the opening band was great. The best part of last night was actually being where there were people. I got to be with friends and I hadn’t done anything like that in months.

So that is life at present. Not too extravagent. Just trying to stay alive, emotionally and financially. Your prayers are appreciated. I will probably be writing more often in the next few days. Lots of thoughts to be vented. Thanks for reading.

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