An actual free-write!

So… I have the best news.

There’s a Switchfoot show coming up really soon and I have no money. And even if I had money, I wouldn’t be able to buy tickets, because they are sold out.

Now, I am not a big radio person. But for some reason, I turned the radio on today and it wasn’t a minute later that the DJ came on and announced, “In a few minutes, we’re going to ask people to call in because we’ve got tickets to either go see Kid Rock’s concert coming up or tickets to a private showing of Switchfoot, with backstage passes to meet the band.”

So I ran and got onto my computer and went to the station’s website and found the toll free number and started to dial because I wanted to know what I had to do to win those Switchfoot tickets! But I kept getting the busy signal… I never got through and the DJ took a caller and he asked, “Alright! You’re our caller! If you can name the last song we played and the artist, you got your option of Switchfoot or Kid Rock.” Well, she named the artist and the song correctly and when she had to choose, I started to whisper, Please say Kid Rock… Please say Kid Rock… Please… And the girl said, “Oh, we totally want the tickets to see Kid Rock!”

I picked my phone up again and dialed and this time, it rung. A lady answered and I said, “Hello, can I talk to Marcus please?” Because Marcus is the DJ. She said, “Sure thing.” And I was put on hold for a good 10 minutes…

Marcus finally picked up the line and said, “What’s going on??” And I said, “Dude, Marcus! My name is Carly and I want those Switchfoot tickets!” And he said, “Well, you’re going to have to win them from me…” And I said, “Not true. Because I am the biggest Switchfoot fan you’ll ever meet and I want those tickets.” And he said, “No, because I am the biggest Switchfoot fan there was.” And I told him, “That’s not true because I’ve been listening to them since they put out Legend of Chin. Ask me anything, I bet I know more than you.” And that’s when Marcus grew quiet and he said, “Hey… Hey… Tell you what… If you stop talking but only if you stop talking… How about I just give you tickets??” And I said, “………………………………….” And he said, “Okay, just wait a sec. I’ll hook you up.”

So. To say the least, I called a radio station and demanded Switchfoot tickets and I got them. And not only got them, but got TWO tickets! AND!!! They are for a private showing! And I get backstage passes to meet with the band later! My name is on the friggin guest list!!!

I tell you this, because my mom told me this yesterday… “Those who do most, dream most…”

I will never stop dreaming.

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