Consider a man who has no arms, but manages just as well as a man with arms because he’s practiced using his toes to do all the things his fingers would normally do. He can flip the pages of a John Grisham novel, drink water from a cup, eat a cookie, and even scratch an itch on his nose. I know he can because I watched him do it. He sat in the aisle seat across from me on my flight home from Ottawa. He was also a very kind and patient man and I found myself wishing I could give him my own arms.

My life is forever changed, and it’s not just because of the man without his arms. My entire trip, Canada as a whole, and the people I was with will stay with me until I go back and do it all again. I am amazed, stunned really, at how much passion and inspiration I have come home with. I have more desire, more enthusiasm, and determination for life and living, it’s hard to express exactly how I feel.

What can I say about these last two weeks? What would you like to know? I really haven’t the faintest idea about where to begin writing about my time in Canada, so I’m leaving it up to you. Ask me any and all the questions you might have. I will address each and every one of them. And in great detail.

Good morning to all. I am both sad and glad to be back home. Ask away…

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