Life Updated

  • I’ve been approved (finally!) for a credit card. Yes!
  • My flight with WestJet has been booked. I fly out the early morning of February 17th and I return in the early evening of March 3rd.
  • I’ve been given a painting commission for a solid $375, not including the cost to have it framed. Awesome.
  • I leave in less than three weeks.
  • I leave in 18 days.
  • I’m leaving.
  • I got a gym membership.
  • Yesterday, I ran for thirty minutes, swam five laps, and sat in a steam room for the first time ever. Conclusion: I am out of shape.
  • I’m going to swim laps tonight. Maybe I’ll do a full six this time.
  • I’ve been painting and writing songs more than ever.
  • Leaving retail has been an incredible blessing.
  • I never want to go back to work. I just want to keep creating. It seems to sustain me just fine.
  • Quote of the Moment: “Sometimes, anger helps you survive.” “So does faith.” – X-Men II
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