This has been a trying week. And it’s only Wednesday. In a mere four days, I have learned that I need a new job, my horse has been leased out to someone I don’t know, and someone I look up to more than most has disappointed me in an ultimate way. Interestingly enough, I’ve been wanting a new job for many months and I see this as a great opportunity. Also, with permission from my former trainer, I can ride Tuffy whenever I want. And the suffering relationship is already on the mend, beginning with several bear hugs and some laughs.

I’m sure you’re all wondering about this “hurt relationship,” as I would be if I were reading some other blog. I’d love to talk about it, not to gossip, but as a way to heal. But there are too many feelings at risk, I’d be doing more damage than allowing things to resolve. So I’m sorry for keeping this bit of information extremely vague, but then again, I’m not.

Yesterday, I gave WestJet a call. I talked to a very nice lady by the name of Kathy. She told me that I have enough money to purchase two seperate round-trip airplane tickets. I finally asked her, “Exactly how much do I have on hold?” And she replied, “$716.46 Canadian.”


Some good things, some bad things. And the last half of the week still awaits. We’ll see what happens next.

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