Sometimes, I need a swift kick in the pants. And today, it was a welcome blow. What started as yet another “pep talk” from my boss, turned into a conversation full of encouraging words, motivational stories, and some quirky humor.

“What you call ‘God’, I call ‘the Universe’. If I simply referred to ‘God’, I’d feel as though I was limiting the possibilities,” Sue said to me. “You have to find out what the Universe is calling you to, Carly. Because it’s obviously not in this area of retail.”

“Well, my faith is in God. Trusting Him is no problem. Having this job was great and has been great for the last seven months. I just feel it’s time for me to move on to something more appealing to my interests.”

We talked for 45 minutes about where I could work, where I’d like to work, where I’d love to work, and on and on.

Sue emphasized, “You need to work where cute boys go! Because this store is for old ladies, Carly! I can’t blame you for struggling to connect with the customers!”

By the end of our talk, we came to the conclusion that it was time for me to find another place to work. I haven’t been “let go” or fired or any of that sort. In fact, I’ll stay employed there for as long as I feel I need it. However, I have decided (and Sue agrees) that I should work in a place that gives me more joy; a place which can benefit from my butt-load of knowledge. Such as a music store or radio station, a local newspaper or magazine, or as an independent.

It’s an incredible relief. I now have the freedom to pursue something more along my interests. Perhaps music. Perhaps writing. Hundreds of “perhaps’s” now lie on my doorstep.

Last week, I came to the realization that unless I’m taking risks, I’m not fully happy with my life. In order to survive, I simply must take chances. Ones with unknown results.

When it comes to life, I’ll take what’s behind door labeled “?” please.

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