I know you read, Galen, but this is one of the best compliments ever given to me.

Carly, of all the [friends] I have, I think you have influenced me the most. Your paintings are awesome, your photographs are great, and your blog is some of the best reading I’ve had in a while (I’ve been reading it all the way through, btw). Your romantic outlook on life and artistic slant has helped me to open my eyes to the beauty in everything around me. I always loved sunsets and starry nights, but you helped me see it in the humans and everything else. Thank you so very much, sis. Love you so much.

This prompts me to tell you (because I’ve been meaning to) that you have the most gentle spirit I’ve ever come across in a person. Your strive to obey Christ is admirable and convicting, but in a way that I only feel better about my life and those around me. You’ve only always been uplifting and encouraging to me. For this, I am thankful to have you as my friend.

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