I have seen far too much for one evening. Downtown Seattle is very fascinating on New Year’s Eve. Drunkard frat boys and seedy blondes prancing about the streets with cigarettes and beer bottles. Ryan and I were there with our cameras and possessing a camera is just as influential on people as any sort of drug. People lose their minds when they see a camera. Suddenly, they have a reason to behave like an idiot.

A girl actually asked Ryan if he would take a picture of her flashing him. As we passed a guy taking a leak on a brick wall, he (boozed) turned to us and asked, “Do you want to take a picture of my pecker?”

Fascinating what people say and do when they’re plastered. And even moreso to be sober and capturing everyone else in their drunken stupor.

I wonder if they’ll remember us in the morning.

PS. Happy New Year! I hope everyone loses a lot of weight this year, receives better test scores, and has a truly “meaningful” relationship for once.


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