I received a belated Christmas present today. From a woman I housesat for way-back-when. A lovely lady and a suprising gift from someone such as herself. She left it at the store for me to pick up. I promptly opened it and discovered what was a lovely calendar. With lovely months. And lovely pictures. Of firefighters. Who’d lost their shirts. Probably while they were fighting fires, I bet. Their sleeves catch on a rusty nail or a few coals slip into there collars, catching them on fire, turning them to ash. So all these shirtless firemen are walking around and it’s just their luck too because they didn’t have the time to find new shirts before the photographer took their pictures.


It will hang in our kitchen for all to see. Because after losing their shirts for the sake of saving peoples’ lives, I suspect it’s only right if their pictures can be seen by all. Respect and admiration comes at a high cost. Like someone’s only white T-shirt.

Having courage means risking anything and everything for those in dire need. Even if it means losing your shirt. Yes… Even that…

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