A Christmas Hymn

– my friend, Benj

Word became flesh, among us dwelt,

Through sin and hate, His love we felt,

Beheld His truth and grace unknown,

How very God wore flesh and bone.

He fully God and fully man,

To virgin born, as was His plan,

Who made the stars, formed all the lands,

Is closely held in Mary’s hands.

From up on high, down low He came,

Humbled Himself, neglected fame,

In form of child, heaven to earth,

In manger lay, by virgin birth.

So Infant King, we now shall laud,

This Holy Child, The Son of God,

To call His sheep, to save the lost,

Erase out debt, he paid our cost.

I’ll be playing this song (lyrics by Benj, music by me) this upcoming Saturday at Victor’s Coffee Co. in Redmond. Please come. It would be nice to see you.

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