So true. So true…

Where contemporary Christian music dresses things up, seeing everything with a giddy disposition, a goofy smile, and a lollipop, [David Bazan of Pedro the Lion] tears things down to the basest realities of man. Bazan’s music is the Theology of the Cross to CCM’s Theology of Glory. It does not lift man up to where he is not. Neither does it put man down to where he is not. It shows natural man as natural man.

Sometimes people wonder how a Christian artist, such as Bazan, can write such dark lyrics. Call them dark, call them uncomfortable, call them depressing, but I will call them Biblically-informed. The more I listen to Bazan’s songs, the more I come to trace clearly Biblical ideas about man, life, and reality. He sees the world not through the rose-tinted glasses of CCM, but through the Word of God. – my friend, Benj

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