Such a moment cannot go without mentioning. And in great detail.

Daniella works with me at Eastside Dog. She’s a 40-something professional florist who is temporarily working for Sue during the holiday season. She’s almost 4’11” and she cannot reach most things sitting at the same level as my eyes. Therefore, she is cute, plump, and oh-so-fun to watch when she can’t reach something. A very nice lady.

As usual, the store was buzzing with activity. Even weekdays can be chaos during this time of year. The Christmas music is on “continuous play” and while Daniella busies herself with customers, I put my organizing skills to use and the whole store back in order. Before I know it, six hours has passed and my shift is over. So I gather my things and make my way out the door.

While I bundled myself in my cozy jacket and scarf, Daniella joined me behind the counter. Quite randomly, she asked, “Are you a performer?”

This caught me off guard because mostly, no one knows my passion for music. Daniella especially since she’s only been working for the last three weeks.

“What do you mean by ‘performer’?” I asked, desperately trying to hide my blushing smile.

Daniella caught my expression, “I bet you sing.”

“I like to.”

“I know, I’ve heard you. Humming and singing all day today.”

I laughed. Not sure what to say.

She continued, “So you’re trying to ‘make it’ right?”

“You mean professionally?”


“I’d like to. I’m trying whenever I can.”


I started to head for the front doors. “In case you’re interested, I’m playing an open mic on the night of Saturday the 20th.”

Daniella laughed, “That’s the night I’m covering your shift.”

“Oh… Right.”

“Good luck then.”


I love it when people read me like that. It reminds me of what I’d like to be and what I dream of being. I imagine the conversation I had with Daniella is better than any psychic reading I could ever have. An immense amount more of encouragement and motivation in that brief one-minute discussion than in a lifetime of palm readings.

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